It is perhaps an accepted fact that stress is usually brought on by
outside forces. This is so ingrained in most people’s mindsets, that the
slightest inconvenience or signs of being pushed out of the comfort
zones will get some negative reactions from the body, and that would
be considered stress. Generally outside forces are blamed for the
internal turmoil that stress is supposed to cause.

Where Is It?

When life in general does not unfold the way we perceive it should,
determines the stress levels we experience. The element that needs to
be controlled is becoming too attached to the acceptance that this
disturbs the usual pattern in the daily life cycle and that any changes
in the current cycle are not so easily accommodated.
Therefore conditioning the mind to cope and overcome the
circumstance that are perceived to contribute to the stress will then
allow the individual to better help both body and mind to avoid any
unnecessary conditions.

Stressful thinking leads to stressful feeling is the most simplistic way
of putting the condition into some prospective. Most studies tend to
show this conclusively, and it does seem to be true that on some
unconscious level, the extent of the stress felt is connected to the
circumstances experienced.

We can actually cause stress to be a condition within the body as our
worries; fears and anxiety level are elevated by mental perceptions.
Negativity and the mind is closely connected to the onset of stress and
most individuals somehow have the ability to convince the mind of
things that have actually not enfolded not will it be possible to be so,
but with this conditioning the mind and body will work almost hand
in hand to bring out the stress levels from within.

Therefore getting into the habit of negative thinking will spark this
response and the more it progresses to be a common reaction the
lesser the chances are to enable the body to cope with the onslaught.

By Anshjeet Singh

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