Managing stress adequately would require the need to first be able to
identify the main causes of the presence of stress within the confines
of the individual’s life. When this has been identified then the
relevant steps can be taken to address the stress inducing

Step Number 1

Some of the more common signs of stress are nervousness,
withdrawal, constant tiredness, frequent headaches, increased use of
alcohol, smoking and other unhealthy habits, an unexpected loss or
increase in the diet intake or body weight, restless sleep and irrational
emotional outbursts and behaviour patterns.

There are all indications of an individual suffering from high level of
stress. In recent times, the stress levels of most people have been so
alarming, that more often than not, hospitalization has to be
recommended, where complete rest and medication is prescribed to
normalize the body systems. Research has also been able to show that
life expectancies have reduced drastically due to the presence of

Therefore, the idea behind managing the stress is all about gaining
control over the stress which should be to identify and address the
possible causes of the stress, and then work towards ways to
overcome it effectively.

Once the symptoms can be identified and linked to stress condition,
then the proper approach can be matched to the symptoms to
improve the situation.

This would require the individual to have a clear plan drawn up which
would be based of combating the stress occurrences with very
practical and proven methods. These methods may include the use of
a proper diet, exercise or the actual physical change of environment.
Being able to focus on a holistic view of the situation that causes the
stress rather the one particular action that triggers it, will help the
individual better understand and seek ways to avoid or improve on
the circumstances that spark the onset of stress.

By Anshjeet Singh

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