There are some people who turn to the practice of quieting the mind
through various different methods of which meditations come out as
the most popular. This method is usually practiced for the specific
purpose of helping the mind to distress and take on a more serene
and quite thought process.
Meditation is often recommended for those who are hyper in the way
they approach any task or project, and then get stressed when the
various aspects of the endeavour does not play out as desired. This will
put the individual in the panic mode which almost always is a big
stress inducing feature.
Meditation can be practiced in many different ways and through the
various ways the practice of the quieting of the mind would be the
most dominant one.

Get Quiet

In this particular form, the quieting of the mind would require the
thinking part of the mind to be brought under control and be
quieted, using the techniques which would be taught and required
to be mastered.
The idea would be to block the mind from focusing on the issues
that are causing the stress and the ways to solve these issues, and
instead redirect the mind to focus on other more calming
elements. These may include elements such as a serene scene in
the mind’s eye, a calming feeling, a phrase or anything that will
cause the redirection of the thought process to be pleasant and
The inner voice should be tuned to helping the body adjust to
better thought processes and induced into letting go of the
problem completely.
The calmed mind will then be able to feel the positive energy this
kind of practice generates to refuel and rejuvenate the whole
system and situation. Although quieting the mind may prove to be
very challenging indeed, with a lot of focused practice in is possible
to achieve some level of control.

By Anshjeet Singh

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