It was an honour to be interviewed on BBC Radio London by Sunny and Shay. It was incredible talking about our journey in the tabletop/boardgame industry with them.

They asked me numerous questions such as: how iTroll started; What my company goals are and what the future of iTroll is.

I was extremely ecstatic to have such a great interview with Sunny and Shay. It was a really insightful and wonderful experience.

We talked about the roots of iTroll and how it became what it is today. It was amazing to talk about how I came up with iTroll from being bored in my bedroom. Especially explaining iTroll in under 2 minutes was a breeze for me. I even talked to the producer about iTroll, talking about digitising iTroll.

One of my favourite moments about the interview was giving my vision for the future of iTroll, where I went on to converse and explain how I want iTroll to become the biggest tabletop game out there. I want iTroll to be in every household and become an essential part of a household, an essential part of the family.

We also talked about how iTroll is just more than a strategic card game, it is a special experience that can be felt when played with your family. Where I have tailored each character to their own unique personality.

“iTroll is a pinch of luck, a dash of simplicity and thousands of barrels of laughter and strategy”

By Anshjeet Singh

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