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An invisible force that keeps your TV on the ground. An invisible force that keeps the whole Universe together. An invisible force that keeps YOU alive.

But what if there was no Gravity for just one minute?

For starters, believe it or not, you start floating in the air and those unfortunate enough who were outside – get to have a lighter experience. Except they would be floating adrift just outside the Earth’s atmosphere and mostly likely would never be seen again (at least on Earth).

But that’s not all. It gets darker…

All man-made things such as skyscrapers, buildings, cars would go. Even trees, regardless of how old they are. But the worst is that: mankind would lose its oldest ally – The Moon.

Don’t worry, I’m just getting started.

Things like oceans, seas, rivers and lakes are all kept in position due to Gravity. But hey – No Gravity. So, without dithering, all water resources start to ooze out of Earth like a bottle of honey being swallowed by an 8-month hungry Bear.

Yeah – it’s that bad.

Additionally, all marine life in these oceans, seas and rivers would start to also drift away into the eerie emptiness of Space, so no Sushi? Oh well.

But wait. Everything floats right? So that would be no: Chicken; Bacon; Seafood; Poultry; Beef, etc. But no Cows means less milk is available; which would mean less cheese and therefore even less Pizza! What a great day.

So later as these 60 seconds go on…the World would become devastated, dilapidated and mostly importantly, without Pizza. Apart from most of human-kind being eradicated from sheer existence, an immense formation of rocks and boulders all in a circular sphere (also known as the Moon) and possibly the entire existence of Earth itself would also be gone. Pleasant.

Don’t worry, it’s still not over…yet.

This change in gravitational field would cause the Earth to be further away from the Sun and therefore, the Earth’s rotation would increase by let’s say over 10% so a much longer year. Hooray.

Consequently, this would result in one year being exactly 401.5 days long. To put that in perspective, it’s like 648 hours (27 days) of extra-work and 240 hours (10 days) of freedom. This day is just getting better.

But this isn’t the only thing which happened because of the Earth’s rotation. There would be irregular climate changes, causing many more infertile seasons for crops and would eventually result to starvation for all of Human-kind.

Amazing. But hey, don’t lose all hope (yet) there is still a tad bit more – I promise.

The pieces of Earth itself would start to break off and float into the empty pits of Space. Hence, giving the Earth a bad plastic surgery. Of course.

(You can lose that last bit of hope now).

Thus, all in all, if you ever realise the Earth has lost its Gravity, just remember this: Get a slice of Pizza and enjoy your last few moments of life.

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By Anshjeet Singh


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